Discipline, To train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.


Disciplina, Instruction, knowledge. 


A few people in the Studio recently have really shown what it is to be Disciplined. Their daily practice is and inspiration to us all. It shows us that there are no short cuts just dedication in what we do that leads to an outcome of our choice.  One of these people have worked for months on injury's using yoga as the healing process, taking the movement back to its basics for best effect. This is often a big battle with the ego and a very hard battle to overcome.  But Discipline has lead to full healing.  Others are running their own 30 day challenge with no prompt from the teachers at all helping them reach new levels in their pr...

Is this Britain’s hottest, highest yoga class?
Fifty metres high above a hot, steamy jungle, a yoga group strikes the tree pose.
This is the first-ever hot yoga class in the lofty reaches of the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall, the world’s biggest rainforest in captivity.
Yoga enthusiasts were put through their poses by instructor Dan Parnwell from Breathe Hot Yoga in Truro, Cornwall.
The session is Eden’s Yoga  Day on Sat/Sun April 16/17th April when visitors will be able to try out hot yoga on the platform for themselves, as well as a range of other feel-good activities. 
Some of the South West’s best teachers will offer a range of yoga classes and other therapies throughout what promises to be...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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