Yoga Meditation

Breathe Easy

Come and join us in our 600 square foot bamboo floor Yoga studio in the centre of Truro in Cornwall.We run a slow gentle Yoga class with emphasis on breathing, lengthening and body awareness to strengthen and streamline your body and mind without stressing your joints.


Who is it for?        Everyone but perfect for beginners or people looking for beginners yoga. If you have a bad back or trouble with joint pain Breathe Easy yoga can be the perfect exercise to keep you moving and get you back to your full health. If you are competing at the highest level in sport and struggle with injuries Yoga can lengthen the muscle to keep you injury free. Or if you just want to relax and reduce the daily stress in your life this is the class for you.


Where are we based?    We have a lovely warm Pilates and Yoga  studio based in the heart of Truro in Cornwall. Do you do private one to one session? Yes we do. Sometimes this can be beneficial to start you off before you join to the group classes. Sometimes you may have something very specific you wish to work on that we can look at in private session.