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About Personal Training


At Breathe Personal Training in the center of Truro, Cornwall. We offer one to one bespoke personal training sessions, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We run the session in our 600 sq foot bamboo floor studio, full of light and space. The studio is totally yours, no one else apart from you and your trainer.


We offer a variety of different disciplines depending on your needs. These include nutrition weight management, core stability, flexibility, speed training, box fit training, total body conditioning, Functional TRX training, private Pilates and yoga.


Our trainers also specialize in getting you fit for certain goals whether it’s a 1 K fun run the Truro half marathon, a Cornwall full marathon, getting into your wedding dress, going skiing, recovering from injury or simply increasing your well being through nutrition, weight loss and fitness. It’s all available with Breathe Personal Training.


What a session involves: Of course the most important factor is fun! So depending on your requirements and initial consultation. A session would start with a good warm up and could involve a timed walk around the park in the Cornwall air or a tempo run on the track all at your safe optimum heart rate levels for either weight loss or threshold training. Alternatively you could opt for a circuit based interval session in the 600 sq foot Truro studio including core/abs, thigh and butts, box fit, TRX, yoga moves and Pilates. Leaving you very sweaty and happily worked out!!! We normally finish with a warm down and some flexibility stretches. Its up to you! We provide the safe environment and you let us know what you enjoy.