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Changing My Life

I have been intending to write this for 3 years and I hope it encourages others to not be afraid . Hot yoga at breathe with its astonishing teachers has literally changed my life. I don't say this lightly . I will try to be brief and explain why.

At 38 yrs old I was an active professional playing multiple sports. An accident that damaged my spine changed my life overnight. I was no longer working, in severe pain constantly and requiring morphine. 4 stone in weight piled on and the situation was very difficult. Spinal surgery followed ( unfortunately, not totally successfully) and just for good measure a debilitating and painful muscle condition ( fibromyalgia) thought it would add to the misery.My first hot yoga class at BreatheHq was so tough. It hurt and I couldn't even touch my toes. I was on heavy doses of painkillers and wondered what on earth I was doing ! But I felt safe in the teachers care. They're knowledge was impressive . It took me a year before I could balance on one leg, but day by day life change for the better. 3 years later I no longer take medication . My body is strong and my bmi normal. I understand my body better than ever before and work with it.

There are still occasional rough days , and sometimes I wish my body would do more ,but I'm doing ok. My yoga isn't bad !!!

Anyone reading this that feels nervous about starting ,or self conscious , please just give it a go. There isn't one day that I'm not grateful for discovering this practice and can only thank Dan, Ori, Shuni and Charlotte for giving me back a life .

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