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I have been intending to write this for 3 years and I hope it encourages others to not be afraid . Hot yoga at breathe with its astonishing teachers has literally changed my life. I don't say this lightly . I will try to be brief and explain why.

At 38 yrs old I was an active professional playing multiple sports. An accident that damaged my spine changed my life overnight. I was no longer working, in severe pain constantly and requiring morphine. 4 stone in weight piled on and the situation was very difficult. Spinal surgery followed ( unfortunately, not totally successfully) and just for good measure a debilitating and painful muscle condition ( fibromyalgia) thought it would add to the misery.

My first hot yoga class was so tough. It hurt and I couldn't even touch my toes. I was on heavy doses of painkillers and wondered what on earth I was doing ! But I felt safe in the teachers care. They're knowledge was impressive .  It took me a year before I could balance on one leg, but day by day life change for the better.

3 years later I no longer take medication . My body is strong and my bmi normal. I understand my body better than ever before and work with it. 

There are still occasional rough  days ,  and sometimes I wish my body would do more ,but I'm doing ok. My yoga isn't bad !!!  

Anyone  reading this that feels nervous about starting ,or self conscious , please just give it a go. There isn't one day that I'm not grateful for discovering this practice and can only thank Dan, Ori, Shuni and Charlotte for giving me back a life .

Caron M (Hot Yoga)

Truro (Hot Yoga Cornwall at Breathe HQ)

I had been gym training for quite sometime, but it had little effect on my overall health or a desired reduction in weight.

However after training and running with Dan for a couple of months, I achieved big improvements.

I never thought of myself as a “runner”, but with Dan’s friendly encouragement, and his understanding of how to effectively get me motivated, he has fundamentaly changed my approach and belief in what I can achieve

Cliff Jones


Dan is an inspirational trainer. He sets fun and varied tasks in the gym and gently encourages lifestyle changes that make even the most limited gym time all the more effective and rewarding. He is great company too, so his workouts are a treat to look forward and never a test to fear. I recommend Dan without hesitation.

Andrew Harting

Chief executive, HWM Aston Martin

Having fallen in love with the girl of my life, and having lost her (also) because of my dire fitness situation, I suddenly decided to go for a proper “restructuring” plan to rebuild my fitness level, my body toning, and to loose at least 15 kilos in 6 months. I have to say I was scared to go for a personal trainer, but when I met Daniel I found exactly what I needed: a very well informed trainer, very flexible in understanding the needs of a “government clerk” with pale green skin and emerging belly who finally decided to go back on track. Dan provided me with full advice on nutrition, on exercise level and fitness scales to follow, taught me again what it means to do sport, with a very strong cultural background on anything related to sports, fitness and heathy remedies to a very disordered and sedentary lifestyle. He could also listen to my objective, and understood my body condition fully.


From January 10 until March 10th (2 months), I already lost some 8 kilos, I can now do full Hot Yoga classes (1 1/2 hours at 42 degrees), 60 laps in the pool, and combined exercises, I no longer have “sleepy” hours after lunch or dinner, and even if i don’t eat parma ham or wonderful mature cheese from tuscany, I smile again when they tag me on facebook! Changing my lifestyle was really demanding, but when you have Dan instructing you on the way forward, you really are on the upward spiral! Meeting Dan was pure luck, and I am now fully convinced that if I can follow his advice and his athletic support, it will guide me through my plan! I would recommend Daniel to my best friend. He really is “the” ultimate personal trainer.


Ezio Fabini

Director Business Intelligence Italian EmbassyTestimonial

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