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Meet the Truro
Yoga and Personal Training Team
Dan and Ori


Senior Yoga Teacher / Personal Trainer / Pilates Teacher / Owner

Dan has always been physically active, playing Rugby, Hockey, Squash, Tennis, Skiing and Triathlon  which have taken their toll on his body over the years. He has had ACL knee surgery, Achilles repair surgery, Sports Groin Hernia surgery, 2 broken bones in his back, broken ankle bones, broken ribs and more ripped ligaments than you can imagine. He had resigned himself to arthritis from all the scar tissue until he found Hot Yoga. A friend of his (another rugby player) persuaded him to go to a hot yoga class, something he had never tried before as he never thought it would be for him. After one sessions, although completely knackered not knowing what hit him, he was back for more and hasn’t looked back in 7 years. It has completely changed his life and his body, he now no longer has the aches and pains at the injury sites and he also sleeps far better than he used to, he has a far more energy coupled with a calm and more mindful outlook on life, not to mention the flexibility and strength gained from the physically demanding practice. It has also lengthened  his muscles in such a way that running and cycling long distances has become far easier.

Dan feels eternally grateful to have found Hot Yoga and felt the natural step was to offer this wonderful practice to other people. So he chose the path of becoming a Hot Yoga teacher following the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage. Since then he has taught Hot Yoga round the world with his wonderful wife Oriana, his constant inspiration.  Dan and Ori settled in Truro, Cornwall with their family. Dan teaches Yoga in Truro where he is the owner and senior teacher and also teaches Pilates, Back Pain Rehabilitation Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga,  Yin Yoga. He is also a Personal Trainer specializing in  Core, Functional training, Health Weight loss and Nutrition, all done in the Truro Studio. 



Senior Yoga Teacher / Massage Therapist / Owner

Oriana fell in love with Yoga from her very first class. Previously being a competitive athlete and competing in all sports including Triathlon she found that her muscles were always tight and she was often affected by sciatica. She also suffered from neck pain and migraines after a car crash had left her with chronic whiplash. In the yoga room things were different, the heat and the complementary Hatha sequence gave Ori the ability to realign her body from all the training overuse and whiplash injuries and also allowed her to develop a deep focus of spiritual strength. The transformation was amazing and the wonderful feeling of being pain free with such inner peace lead her to take up Yoga full time.
So from Architect to Personal Trainer to Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist to Yoga teacher, she has steadily paved her way to a way of life that resonates more with her being; finding in Yoga the capacity for developing balanced flexibility, emotional peace and spiritual strength.

Oriana is one of Breathe's senior teachers and also teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Truro, finding that this complements the Hot Yoga practise.She teaches Hot Yoga in Truro and she teaches Pregnancy Yoga for mothers and mothers-to-be as this helped her throughout her own pregnancy and she credits her consistent yoga practise for her wonderful birthing experience.

Oriana is devoted to carrying the light of Yoga throughout the world and sharing the amazing tradition of Yoga with everyone who is inspired to practice. She is consistently inspired by the strength of her students and their dedication to self improvement in all circumstances of life. Her aim is to help all her students expand and deepen their understanding of yoga with the reward in her teaching coming from helping people to help themselves.

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